Interesting links related to Module #3

Module 3

Hubble Space Telescope Gallery

Provides wonder images of our solar system including images of the surface of Mars.

BSC Theory of Superconductivity

Great web site which provides an extensive overview of BCS Theory.

Experimental Research and Design

Provides the student with a super summary of the scientific method and experimental variables.

What is Salt?

Sodium chloride or common is the chemical compound NaCl, composed of the elements sodium and chloride. This web site details the structure and properties of this important molecule.

Great Salt Lake State Park

Saltwater is more dense than pure water. This web page provides lots of interesting facts about the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Soap Boat Experiment

Wonder what makes the soap boat move? This page provides the answer.

Sticky Water

This page investigates surface tension and how it works.

What’s the Right Weight?

Objective data is something which can be measured exactly during an experiment — height, age, and weight are all examples of objective data. This page provides objective date regarding teen body weight norms.


People with low pain threshold are hyperpathic.

A Day in the Life of Roberto

This pages tells the story of Roberto and other children who feel no pain.

Blind Experiment

This Wikipedia site presents information on both blind and double blind studies.

The Healing Power of Placebos

Placeboes are the fake pills given to drug test participants. They are usually just made out of sugar. They are made to look identical to the real drug, so that the volunteers do not know whether or not they are taking the real drug or the placebos.

Reading Graphs

An introduction to graph interpretation is given. Very well done with loads of visuals to help the student understand graph reading.

Links that contain extra help for the topics in Module #3

Experimental Designs

An experiment is a research method in which the investigator manipulates a variable(s) under very controlled conditions and examines whether changes occur in a second variable(s). This web site provides insights into these techniques.

Salt Crystals

Microscopic images of salt crystals are presented on this page. Wonderful crystallography presentation.

Hydrogen bonds

This site discusses surface tension and hydrogen bonding.

Control Group Study

A control group study uses a control group to compare to an experimental group in a test of a causal hypothesis. This page outlines the procedures of this important research technique.

Advanced topics related to Module #3

Intro to Research Methods

All experimental designs have one central characteristic: they are based on manipulating the independent variable and measuring the effect on the dependent variable. This web page outlines these important research objectives.

Research and Experimental Design

This web site provides an introduction to objective versus subjective data gathering. It is an advanced look at these important types of data.

Subjective Listening Tests in Concert Halls: Methodology and Results

Great subjective data is presented about how listeners perceive sound in concert halls.

Double Blind Studies

One doctor’s use of double blind studies in his research is presented. Great web page for those trying to understand who these studies work.

Surface Tension

This page provides an advanced look at surface tension from a human physiology perspective.

Gene controls pain threshold

Web site discusses the latest in genetic pain research.


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